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Drum Depot - A Word From The Owner, Marty Stein

"I'd do pretty much anything for my customers. I know you don't get that through the Internet or at the big box stores.

Anything percussion related we have ... drum sets, hardware, cymbals, and all the accessories that go with it - the heads, and tension rods - down to the smallest washer, nut, and bolt.

We have major brand cymbals from Zildjian, Sabian, to Paiste. We've been stocking a line of cymbals from Dream for the last couple of years that we've sold a ton of here in Toledo.

For drums, we sell a lot of Tama, Sonor, and we carry high-end products from Spaun. We have everything from entry-level starter kits to custom drum sets.

We buy used goods all the time in any state of repair. I love when we find vintage kits that people unearth and bring in and we restore and bring back to life. We can re-wrap a drum set in any finish you want. We've built new drums from the ground up. There's nothing drum-related that we couldn't fix, repair, or make.

For drum lessons we have teachers that can teach you anything from drumming for a marching band or if you want to play a drum set, or play in your church band, or jazz band. I've got teachers that can cover everything from hand percussion to concert percussion. We run our lessons on a semester basis - it's a sixteen week semester. We have kids taking lessions for all different reasons, and there are not just kids, either - more than one-third of our students are adults.

We're located at 4100 Monroe Street just east of Douglas Road."

- Marty Stein
  Owner of Drum Depot

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