The Toledo Drum School

The Toledo Drum School is where arguably the best drum instructors in the city of Toledo hold their studio's to teach all ages of men and women how to play drum and percussion instruments. We teach all styles of music, Reading, Tuning, mallets, timpani, marching percussion, hand drums, and of course rudiments. If it has to do with drums and percussion we will have a teacher for you.

The lessons are run on a 16 week semester; each lesson is $18.00 per half hour. But for security for the teachers we require payment in advanced. There are three different payment options the first option is for full payment upfront which is $288.00, the second option is to split it up into two payments of $147.00, and the third option is to split it into four payments of $75.00 per month. Also in the store we can only accept check or cash for the drum lessons.

Once decided that lessons are the right option for you, really all you have to do is decide what teacher you would like to study with. After making your choice on which teacher you would like call the Drum Depot at (419) 472-3786 or e-mail for the availability of that teacher.

For all cancellations a MINIMUM of a 24-hour notice must be given for any lesson cancellations or rescheduling. Failure to give such notice will result in the forfeit of any make-up lesson. Cancellations are not to exceed more then 3 per semester if a make up is desired. NO SHOWS are UNACCEPTABLE. To ensure proper communication, the TDS should be notified of cancellations at (419) 472-3786. If a teacher must reschedule a lesson and substitute is unavailable, a make up lesson will be given at the earliest convenience agreed upon by student and teacher. Also no students under the age of 5 will be accepted with out a trial lesson.